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   There is only ONE and ONLY one Original Lead Singer of The Mystics™ hit songs "Hushabye" "Don't Take The Stars" and more than 17 others he sings leads to. Now with Phil Cracolici at The Helm. Greetings From, The Mystics™ Featuring Phil Cracolici Original Lead Singer and Voice of "Hushabye" Along with our beloved lead singer Phil Cracolici, We all do lead vocals in all of our performances in order to bring you the full diversity of our vocal abilities. From our high soaring falsetto, tenors, baritone, bass and dynamic band we will bring you back like a time machine with songs that we will never forget.  As an Original Founding Member, Lead Singer and Voice of "Hushabye" Phil Cracolici will keep performing songs that you all love so very much throughout the USA and Europe with Rocky Marsicano, Ralph Varrone and Paul Roberts. With  the fabulous Soundsations Band  we will continue to keep the Mystics tradition alive and perform at any event. Fans, Promotors and Agents know all about having the original lead singer on stage. We are very happy that they recognize and respect Phil by keeping in touch with us and planning for some nice future events. For bookings and how we can help you with all of your entertainment needs, call or write Phil Cracolici, Rocky Marsicano, Margaret A Bartsch at any time with any inquires,  questions. Call our office @ 631-790-2384

Sing along with us to the sweet sound of Doowop!The Mystics™ Featuring Phil Cracolici Original Lead Singer of "Hushabye",,We are on Facebook also----www.facebook.com/groups/5582880218437043/

The Mystics with the Original Lead Singer and founder Phil Cracolici Back Stage Rehearsal, Click arrow below to listen.

Phil Cracolici

The Mystics™ Original Lead Singer and Voice of "Hushabye"

The Mystics™ With Phil Cracolici, Founding Member, The Original Lead Singer and Voice of "Hushabye" are an American rock and roll group that began in Brooklyn, New York United States, in the late 1950s. In late 1958, The Mystics™ recorded two songs for Laurie Records, "Adam and Eve", and the old Weavers tune "Wimoweh". Unhappy with the results, Laurie Records commissioned Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman to write an original tune for the group. Their first effort, the song "A Teenager In Love", however, was given to Laurie labelmates Dion and The Belmonts. Pomus and Shuman were instructed to come up with something else for The Mystics. The next day, the writers returned with "Hushabye" In May 1959, Laurie Records released "Hushabye" b/w "Adam And Eve" with Phil Cracolici on lead on both sides and within a few weeks the record was a hit. Soon Alan Freed started featuring "Hushabye" as the closing tune on his televised Saturday night Big Beat Show. At its peak, "Hushabye" was Top Ten in most of the tri-state area, spending nine weeks on the national chart that spring and summer, where it climbed to No. 20. "Hushabye" was released in May of 1959 and spent nine weeks of that spring and summer on the charts, rising to number 20. It is one of those "perfect" records, exemplifying a musical genre -- the soaring, radiant harmonies were astonishing in their purity, which was matched by the innocence of the song itself; the gentle support of Bucky Pizzarelli's and Al Caiolla's clean, crisp guitars, and Panama Francis' understated drumming meshed with the singing in ways that simply couldn't be improved. The song was later covered by such harmony-oriented groups as Jay & the Americans and the Beach Boys, and has become a rock & roll standard, but the original has never been equaled. The Mystics “Hushabye"” with Phil Cracolici's Lead Voice was featured in the movies Mr. Rock and Roll The Alan Freed Story and “Stand By Me”. Gene Schwartz, head of Laurie Records, was visited by Mark Harris regarding a song of his recorded by another artist on the Laurie label. Gene showed him a stack of demos of songs rejected by The Mystics and asked him to write a song for the group's next recording session. Mark, still in high school, wrote "Don't Take the Stars" over the weekend and presented a demo to the company the following week. The group liked the song and recorded it the very same week. "Don't Take The Stars" again with Phil Cracolici on lead hit the chart and became The Mystics' second hit after "Hushabye". Soon after The Mystics would record "So Tenderly", "Paper Moon" and others with Phil Cracolici on lead vocals. During the 70's and 80's Phil continued recording many tunes. From the 1970s to 1990, the main replacement singers in the Mystics were John Tarangelo, Joey Napoli, and Emil Stuccio. In 1982, the Mystics cut an album called Crazy For You for the Ambient Sound Label. In the group at that time was Phil Cracolici (Original Lead), Albie Cracolici (Original Baritone), Allie Contrera (Original Bass), John Tarangelo, and also original member Bob Ferrante . On this album the Mystics recorded three of the Overons original tunes: “Prayer To An Angel”, “Why Do You Pretend” and “The Bells Are Ringing: with Phil on leads. Along with performing nationwide in all the largest venues. and deciding to relocate to Florida, Phil continued to keep The Mystics legacy alive. Today Phil Cracolici the Original Lead Singer of The Mystics™ and the Lead Voice of "Hushabye", "Don't Take The Stars" and more than 16 other lead recordings. Phil Cracolici is still going strong performing throughout the USA with performances in Europe at some great venues. The Mystics™ along with Rocky Marsicano, Ralph Varone, and Paul Roberts.

Rocky Marsicano

Vocals, First Tenor

Rocky Marsicano--- Rocky was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 14 began playing piano and singing in glee clubs. A year later joined up with friends to form a local Doowop group known as The Orions. They would later go on to record and perform Doowop and later Disco shows at local clubs..In the late 70's Rocky would join The Riffs again recording and doing all the popular Doowop songs all over the Tri State area. In late 1984 Rocky would join Lenny Cocco and The Chimes recording and performing nationwide at many prestigious Venues. During his 23 years with The Chimes Rocky also performed shows with Jay Siegel and The Tokens. In 2008 Rocky departed The Chimes to become a member of The Manhattan Skyline again recording and performing all over the country. In 2011 Rocky, relocated to Florida and decided to departed "The Manhattan Skyline." In 2012 Rocky, was asked to join "The Mystics" alongside of the Original Lead Singer Phil Cracolici again performing nationally and can be heard on several Cd's. In 2022 Rocky was honored to be inducted into the "East Coast Doowop Hall of Fame". In 2023 Rocky is still very happy to remain as a 12-year member of "The Mystics" Featuring Phil Cracolici Original Lead Singer Of 'Hushabye" performing 1st tenor and doing some leads with a group of very talented performers that are well known with impressive backgrounds

Ralph Varrone

Vocals, Lead and Tenor

Ralph Varone- Born in Brooklyn, New York, Started singing as a teenager in Queens NY, his first group was the ElJays, after a 20-year hiatus he was the lead singer of the Tradtions, one of the top New York accapella groups around back then., in 1986 he joined the popular Risky Business band & fronted that band for 26 years. He joined the Mystics in 2018, & has been with them since. Today Ralph enjoys singing popular lead songs and background vocals.

Paul Roberts

Mystics Vocals

Paul Roberts- a very talented vocalist, singing Baritone, Second Tenor and First Tenor. Paul is originally from Long Island, New York ( now residing in the beautiful "Solivita" community located in Kissimmee, FL.) Paul has played clarinet, sax and piano since grammar school, through college, and clarinet in the Third US Army Band. Over the years Paul has been a member of several glee clubs and doo-wop groups and is now a member of The Sentimental Journeymen, a Winter Haven-based Barbershop Singing Organization. We are very fortunate to have Paul as a vital member of "The Mystics" featuring Phil Cracolici. With Paul Roberts musical experience, talent and knowledge of doo-wop harmony, we will continue the pure sound and memories that we treasure so very much

The Soundsatios

"The Soundsations" They will be backing us up in our future shows. This band rocks the house playing all the hits from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and more. The combination of "The Mystics"™ performing their show and "The Soundsations" with their dynamic band will bring back the memories of a lifetime and be an experience to remember.The Soundsations is the latest group to hit the South Florida music scene, bringing to life the songs of the 60’s through the 80’s with all the excitement you experienced in your youth. Made up of the six most talented musicians on the music scene today, they bring years of entertainment experience to the stage. Together, along with The Mystics™ featuring Phil Cracolici is sure to make for a fantastic memorable success.

Margaret A Bartsch

Personal Assistant

Margaret is our go to Gal. Margaret with 44 years on Wall St, 35 years on the NYSE Trading Floor, 15 years at Radio Station WCBS FM in New York 101.1 on your dial as assistant to Don K Reed in The Doo Wop Shop, 5 years as back stage manager for Lenny Cocco, 2 years personal assistant to Lou Christie, She also Worked on The Variety Children's Charity Telethons on TV. Margaret is the perfect match for The Mystics Personal Assistant

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